Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mushroom Soup Secret

I really like Mushroom Soup, especially the fresh mushroom type, with strong mushroom taste and creamy. This recipe is using a simple way to cook and the flavor is just the same as when you go for fine dining in restaurant. I'm sure you will like it!!

1 onions (chopped)
3 pieces garlic (chopped)
2 spoon butter
50g button mushroom (blended)
50g button mushroom (sliced)
3 tablespoons whipping cream
1 can Campbell Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup
1 can of water

1.Heat up the pot and put in the butter to melt. Then, put in the onion and garlic. After that put in the sliced mushroom and stir for around 5 minute until the taste come out and then stir in the blended mushroom.

2.Cook until the mushrooms are tender and pour in the Campbell Cream of Chicken and Mushroom Soup together with water. Boil and then put in the whipping cream.

3.Ladle the soup into bowls, and trim pieces of toast bread to the bowl. Butter the toast, and place on top of the soup. Sprinkle the cheese over the bread and serve.

Wrote by rickyooi
QC by Pearlie Then

Monday, October 6, 2008



一段时间没去怡保了, 这一次开斋节长假去玻璃市探望外公外婆当儿,途中去怡保尝一尝闻名已久的”明阁点心楼“的点心;之前到过富山酒家尝过了不错的点心,然后住在怡保的朋友说“明阁点心楼”的点心如何如何的好,所以这一次非到这儿来尝一尝有什么特别之处。






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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Virgin Manila Trip - Day 3

Waked up around 7am, uncle Mario slept in his van waiting until morning; firstly we planned to take the breakfast first, which is Restaurant Hen Lin, this restaurant they serve many type of Chinese foods, like sweet and sour pork, chao siu pao, spring onion fish rice, the Loh Mee the tasted can compare with Malaysia loh mee, fried Yee Mee also nice; Halo-halo is something like our ABC(Ais Batu Kacang), they have corn, red bean, atap chi, yam ice-cream, the taste is bit different with Malaysia is inside have something like baked bean and cheese, the taste is sweet, very sweet, haha!

After breakfast we continue the way to Taal volcano, roughly 2 and a half hours we reached to the out-skirt there, uncle Mario asked the local where can get the butterfly boat to Taal Volcano, beside the road have many tricycle motor driver and have a enthusisium to guide you to the place, then uncle Mario follow them to the seaside, then they guide us to buy the boat ticket and follow to the boat; the boat both side is made by bamboo, is for balancing the boat and the boat can run very fast and stable; less than half and hour we reach to the seaside of taal volcano and have to ride horse to the peak of volcano, the fees is peso 350 perpax, they allow you walk to the volcano, but advice to ride horse better, cause the mountain quite dangerous and when the horses crossed beside you also dangerous, the road is tight and dusty, many people have to cover the face.

I was first time to ride horse, my size is big, but the big horse owner not allow me to ride, at the end only have one small horse owner let me to ride, he said later don’t forget to give a big tips, haha, I said, sure! The way to taal volcano ride horse have to spent more than half and hour, my horse can ran fast and cross over may horses, the owner kept saying, don’t forget to give the big tips boss, haha!
When reached to the volcano, actually is the lake cover by the mountain, the side of mountain you can see the lava coming out; the scene is very nice, windy and really feel comfortable, you can take some nice foto over here.

We stayed around half and hour and ride the horse back to the seaside, I gave him 250 peso of his owner, he so happy to get the big tips and I get the same boat to the place to meet uncle Mario; I gave the people guided us each 100 peso, we felt hunger and asked uncle Mario to get us to some nearest place to have some philipino food, the food is nice, my father kept asking to add some more dishesespecially the black sos pork; Wow, what I can told you is the foods here never let you to regret to taste, haha!

Now is around 1pm, the second destination is pangsajan, the beautiful waterfall in philipine; among the way to pangsajan, you can see a lot of padi field and beside the road have a lot of people sell the rice vinegar and pineapple, the pineapple here really sweet, don’t forget to try, yeah!

Around 3pm, we reach to the pangsajan, uncle Mario asked the police where to get the place, then suddenly two phillipino come and ask for follow them, then uncle Mario follow them to a back street, we bit nervous because that’s like a small village and the road there we feel bit terrible, haha, cause when you cross there, a lot people will use the weird eye to see you, haha!

We reached to the place called Merra Inn, they guided us to the Inn, at the back of the Inn is river,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ricky Ooi Great Chef Kitchen



Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Virgin Manila Trip - Day 2

Second day morning, the resort provided plentiful breakfast, especially the honey bacon, very tasty; after that we walk to the seaside; the water is clean and clear.

Roughly 9am, we continue the journey to malatte, we have booked the hotel since in KL, from Subic Bay to Malatte probably spent 4 hours; when almost reach malatte, we saw one of the street they have many shop are roast pigs, a lot of roast pig there, the size are not that big as chinese roast pig.

About 2pm, we reached to the motel, called Malatte Mansion, the motel the room is not that big, but is closed to the shopping, casino, seaside and a lot of pub there!

Second day morning, the resort provided plentiful breakfast, especially the honey bacon, very tasty; after that we walk to the seaside; the water is clean and clear。

Roughly 9am, we continue the journey to malatte, we have booked the hotel since in KL, from Subic Bay to Malatte probably spent 4 hours; when almost reach malatte, we saw one of the street they have many shop are roast pigs, a lot of roast pig there, the size are not that big as chinese roast pig.

About 2pm, we reached to the motel, called Malatte Mansion, the motel the room is not that big, but is closed to the shopping, casino, seaside and a lot of pub there!

For the first place we want to go is information center to ask for the trip to Taal volcano, the information center is close to Rizal Park, then we took cab to there, we stroll around the Rizal Park; my mum bought the young mango beside the road, but that’s very sour even put the sos also the same, then she just gave to the little beggar, haha! Then we keep walking and saw a small store in Rizal park, the shop is not so outstanding, but the food looks quite attracting me, so we planned to have a lunch here, the foods is black papper pork knuckle, potato fried with minced pork and some small dishes vege, the foods here always give us out of expected, the taste very nice! After the meal we walk to the information center and asked for the price to Taal Volcano trip, but what we asked the price there is 6000 peso, that’s quite expensive, because before we asked the driver Uncle Mario, he gave us 5000 peso per person only the trip to volcano, so we decided to asked uncle Mario fetch us tomorrow morning!

After the information center, our next trip is take cab and go to Tutuban Mall, this shopping mall have a lot of cellphone store and some of the clothes stores, after that we went out to the mall and walk to the outside of Tutuban Mall; Wah! This place have so many roadside hawker, you can get plenty of cheap clothes, shoes, souvenirs and also have a lot of local food like Chinese kuih, malay tupak, quite interesting, but here is really congested, a lot of people and the jeepney shuttle here; before we came here, a lot of friend and taxi driver advice don’t go outside to Tutuban Mall, because here have a lot of robber cases here, when we planned to go back, because of the congested we can’t get the cab, then we tried to asked for the jeepney, when we asked one jeepney driver, then The crowd besieged looks so terrible, then we tried to quit from there and some of them keep follow us, their looks bit weird for us; finally we go until back to the Tutuban mall there and asked for the security guard there to asked for the cab location, huh!

After we get the cab, from there to hotel the driver said 200 peso, actually before that we already planned to go the cruise dinner which is around the seaside around our hotel there, the place is close to the Jumbo Cruise, so we asked the driver and he knew the way to go, so we decided to have a cruise dinner; but the driver took us to the Jumbo cruise and charges us 400 peso, so closed to hotel we have to paid double, then we tried to have a look the price for the Jumbo Cruise, wah, very expensive, so we planned go outside just simply have a dinner; when I reach to the front gate of the Jumbo, I asked the guard where is the location of the Cruise Dinner, she nicely to told us just walked beside the seaside 100 meter distance only, when we reached there, so many restaurant there, have mei lin, julibee, and just walk trough all the restaurant and reached to port, you can see a cruise park there; and we bought a voucher for the dinner cost 550 peso perpax, and walk in to the cruise; for this dinner, they serves of set dinner, which is fish fillet with rice, soup and soft drink; beside this they have a live Band of Phillipine, they will invite you for dance, yeah! The Cruise drive along the river and we can have a dinner and enjoy the beautiful night malatte scenary, wow, so wonderful!

After the meal was 10pm, we take cab to go hotel have a rest and prepare next day wake early for the next trip, which is Taal Volcano, yeah!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Virgin Manila Trip - Day 1

I booked five tickets(my wife, mother in-law, my parent and me) of airasia air to philipine clark airport, since november 2007, just cost me 220 perpax with airport tax, the fare is cheap.

Before go to phillipine for the first impression in my imagination this city is in a clutter, messy, dirty and terrible, because of I heard so many negative news from there like robbery, kidnap and remonstrate. So, firstly I did so have to do so many research for this county, what kind of transportation is safety and which not, which place is more secure.

22 Feb 08, early morning we waked around 4.00am and the cab reached my sri kembangan house around 4.30am, then we reached to airport around 5.10am, only charged me RM80, then my father give extra tips for total RM90; then suddenly counldn't found my wife luggage, then asked the taxi driver return to my house and took it, charge me RM120, haha!

The flight departed 7.40am(departed late) and reached clark airpot around 12noon, we had booked the subic bay package(which is included ocean park and Camayan Resort cost around RM1000), the driver called uncle Mario already reach there and picked us from airport to the subic bay camayan hotel and ocean park, the distance to there is around 3 hours, so we suggested to have lunch, the restaurant called Shanghai Palace,

we order chinese dishes as pork knuckle, chrispy chicken, beancut fried pork with black bean, claypot yam and porkrib, chinese roast set(烧腊并盘) and a portugis vege curry, all the dishes very delicious, especially the pork knuckle, the taste is better than thai restaurant in thailand i tried before, but that's too much for us then some we packed for the driver for dinner(the driver took the lunch with us), total paid is Peso 2490(RM202).

After meal we continue the journey, but the uncle Mario simlike not very sure the way to Subic Bay,when we reached to Subic Bay was around 4pm,

then luckily the Ocean Adventure Park the Dolphin show start on 4.30pm, then we directly bought the ticket(for adult is Peso 450, children and senior age is Peso 370) and asked for the way to the show.
Properly is school holiday, we saw many philipine primary student there and we found the front seats and enjoyed the show; actually they have 4 female dolpine, 1 male dolpine and 1 whale, the dolpines and whale are talented and intelligent, they can simply jumped out from the water and dance in the water, their obeyed by the trainee, excellent show.

after the dolphine show which is sea lion show, they train the sea lion to do many funny action, jokes and gained a lot of clapping from the audience.

When came out from the park the sky is dark, luckily the Camayan beach resort is just next to the park, just walking distance. We went to check-in to the resort and move in all the lugague, the room is bali style, two queen size bed and have a nice decoration for the room. After that we think to have the dinner at olangapo, but the driver properly not so familiar with the road, so we decided to have the dinner whatever he brought, then we found a fast food closed to the petrol station, which Chow King Restaurant, firstly we thought they will sell the burger like normal Malaysia fast food, get closer, we saw the menu are all Chinese food like sweet and sour pork, black soya sauce pork, portrige , some more have the tai pao and siu mai, we are so excited to have something we are familiar, haha!

After meal, we went back to hotel, the Camayan Beach Resort the room quite nice, it's bit Bali looks, sweet dream tonight! good night!